The products Bondi's Piano Service carries and endorses are designed to prolong the life of your instrument. They are also designed to help maintain the pitch and the beauty of the instrument. The accessories the company provides for its customers carry a 5-year parts and labor guarantee. I am proud to provide my clients this level of protection. You have made an investment. It is my responsibility to help you maintain and preserve the integrity and the longevity of the instrument.

The Piano Life Saver is a piano humidity control system. It helps to keep your piano in tune longer and prevents damage from climate and environmental effects, giving you professional performance, level tonal quality and keyboard control.

Another product the company endorses is Dawson String Covers. This woven wool cover is designed to keep the inside of the Grand piano clean and prevent moisture in the air from corroding strings. Supported by sewn-covered battans, the cover is designed to be left in place at all times because it doesn't touch the strings. There are over 400 patterns presently available, and new patterns can be easily obtained using a simple paper pattern.

Jansen Piano Accessories carries everything from bench pads and music lamps to caster cups and stage dollies for the smallest spinet to the Concert Grand. Jansen offers a wide range of Piano accessories for the consumer as well as the professional. My shop is equipped with a lot of their "heavy-duty" hardware.